We need to talk about the whole Muslim/terrorism stereotype thing | Live At The Apollo – BBC

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44 thoughts on “We need to talk about the whole Muslim/terrorism stereotype thing | Live At The Apollo – BBC

  1. The truth is that it's very difficult to trust a community that has lived in peace since the 1960s only to start allowing religious fanatics access to your mosques and allowing them to recruit terrorist from your dissatisfied youths ,you claim to be peaceful yet you knowingly allowed this to happen in (*YOUR* )adopted country! We gave you a home and shelter and this is how you repay our hospitality?

  2. My brother it is just how the media portrays and mixes muslims and a few bad guys, the moment you kill a fellow human being which ever faith he has has you are not a muslim and you will end up in hellfire unless its was a self defence and you were attached first and your reasonable force caused the death atleat this is what my parents taught as a muslim and I belief all muslims are like me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Its not a joke, 1,000s of kids raped and groomed by Muslim gangs ain't no stereotype, its a REALITY, a fact!!!! Terrorist jihad is no joke, the dead in Manchester arena, Lee rigby is not a damn joke! Our culture is being threatened, our race dwindles while Islam creeps across Europe.. Its no joke!! Especially for our poor children, they will have no defence.

  4. Shouldn't joke about Islam, It is a very dangerous cult. BBC have an agenda to make the rape of children and terrorism seem okay but it's not. Islam needs to be eradicated from Europe for the sake of our children and culture.

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