Pani Puri Sellers No-Touch Dispensing Machine Is A Hit With Foodies

Viral Video: This Pani Puri vendor has a unique way of dispensing water to customers.


  • A Pani Puri vendor in Raipur has innovated a unique machine
  • The machine dispenses water to be filled inside Pani Puris
  • The interesting device has taken internet by storm

Coronavirus has had an indelible impact on our regular life as we knew it. Sanitising surfaces and wearing masks is the new normal. We think twice before heading out to the market or any other crowded place. Gone are the days when we would quietly sneak out for a quick binge on spicy Pani Puri or a crispy, hot Aloo Tikki. The street food vendors that have reopened in the post-Covid world are facing great problems in enticing customers. However, this Pani Puri vendor may have found an interesting solution to this problem.

A Pani-Puri seller based in Raipur, Chattisgarh has devised a machine that dispenses the Pani that is filled inside Puri. Take a look at the video:

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The video of the Pani Puri machine in action was shared on Twitter by user @AwanishSharan. The viral video has amassed over 31k views on Twitter, nearly 4k likes and several hundreds of comments and reactions.

The automatic Pani Puri machine is basically a no-touch contraption which works based entirely on sensors. The Pani Puri seller hands a plate of puris stuffed with filling to the customer, who then proceeds to the machine to fill them up with the Pani of choice. As soon as the machine detected the Puri placed beneath it, water spouted out of the machine. There were three different kinds of Pani for the Puris – garlic Jal Jeera, Dhaniya Pudina and Khatta Meetha. The entire machine did not require any human intervention which made it ideal for serving street-food in the post-Covid era.

Netizens loved the ‘Jugaad’ that would ensure social distancing while enjoying the popular street snack. Here’s how Twitterati reacted to the video:

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As the popular meme says, modern problems require modern solutions which is why the automated Pani Puri dispensing machine makes so much sense. What did you think of the machine? Tell us in the comments below!

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