MissMalini Founder Malini Agarwal’s Tips to Create Digital Content During Lockdown

If there is one impact of the Coronavirus and the forced lockdown, it is that people have started consuming content online like never before. We are all glued to our laptops Ipad and phones, not just consuming an insatiable amount of news (good and bad) but also entertainment. While the digital revolution has been brewing in India for some time now, it’s perhaps reached its full potential with the pandemic. At such a time, how do content creators know what to create? How should social media influencers post? Where does digital go from here?

We chatted with Malini Agarwal, founder of the immensely popular entertainment and lifestyle portal MissMalini.com, author and Masala.com columnist and she had some pretty useful tips to offer!

The WFH Experience and COVID
It’s been a great learning experience. We are all working from home which is something so new. Google hangout and zoom chats are the new normal. But COVID has brought about so many other changes, I guess we are going to have more respect for nature. We will realise what is actually important in our lives.

Challenges for in WFH
There are a lot of challenges for a company like ours. First and foremost, we are making sure the teams are alright, they have mentally adjusted to the changes and are adapting to the new routine. It is important to separate work from personal life when you work from home. So it’s essential to set up a workplace and take frequent breaks.

However, that has not affected our content. The  current situation has definitely affected interviews with celebs but with technology, we have been doing a lot of Instagram lives, video recordings etc. The biggest challenge is to put out relevant information and separate fake news. But we have been doing a lot of initiatives keeping in tune with the situation. We have Malini’s Girl Tribe – an FB group of 40k members – that is constantly sharing information, from the nearest grocery stores that are open to discussing household problems, relationships, personal experiences etc.
Our aim is to spread positivity, people should get something good out of the content we put out. Also, we make celebs more relatable. It’s fun to watch Katrina Kaif do the dishes or Vicky Kaushal, clean his fan, isn’t it?

Creating Relevant Content that is Not Flippant
It is an important balance to maintain. Being an entertainment entity we will focus on creating entertainment content but also focus on which causes to support and promote celebs doing some good work. For instance, we promoted Vikram Phadnis who did a campaign for animals and another webinar with Shantanu and Nikhil. Also, there is so much COVID news going around, it’s important to give readers a bit of a break. So we are focusing on healing tools, web shows, lockdown

Content tips for Influencers
Most influencers have a genre they specialize in. So my advice would be to create authentic that represents you. You don’t need fantastic editing or three camera set up but just create honest content. Use the smart phone well, as long as you have good lighting. A lot of apps are out there for you to use.  You can do trending challenges. The number of people online has gone up, so find your tribe. You don’t need to strip down your content, you can continue doing what you were but include valuable resources. Associate with causes and use your medium to show solidarity.

Expand Your Skills
Since there are less distractions  you can definitely learn new things and hone talent. Learn skills you may have not done before. So if you are an individual creator, this is your opportunity.


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