Micro review: ‘Wake Up, Life Is Calling’ by Preeti Shenoy

Write India author Preeti Shenoy’s 2011 book
Life Is What You Make It, which deals with the issue of mental illness, was an instant bestseller. Now, roughly eight years later the author released its sequel titled
Wake Up, Life is Calling in 2019.

Taking-off where the first novel ended,
Wake Up, Life is Calling tells Ankita’s story after she deals with bipolar disorder. The first book ended with Ankita emerging out of the mental hospital after surviving two suicide attempts. She is in the loving company of her parents. She leaves her MBA course and starts her new life by enrolling in a creative writing class, which she always wanted to do. The epilogue in Life Is What You Make It tells the readers what happened 15 years later, but it doesn’t give any details about what happened immediately afterwards. This is the period which Shenoy explores in her new book. While Ankita restarts her life and befriends Parul and Janki at college, trouble starts brewing up when she discovers a book in the library which consumes her into a terrifying darkness. At the same time, her ex-boyfriend resurfaces in her life bringing in more trouble. Desperate to fight all the negativity around her, she starts penning her thoughts in a journal. This compelling sequel is about Ankita and if she would be able to survive the ordeal for the second time and how.

Written in a simple language, this book revolves around the topics of friendship, truth, and mental health. It also reinforces the power of positive thinking and how it can change our lives.

How critics view the book:

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