Imran Khan’s Marriage Is in Trouble. Is His Career Frustration the Reason?

Imran Khan was at the top of the game when he married his long-term girlfriend Avantika Malik in 2011. He was being offered tempting leads in big-budget films, and not just because he was Aamir Khan’s nephew. He had made a spectacular debut in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na and was termed the nation’s heart throb. He followed it up with successful films like Delhi Belly and Mere Brother ki Dulhan. His marriage to Avantika too seemed straight out of a fairy tale and soon they had a beautiful baby girl as well. However, it looks like this marriage is in trouble!  According to reports, Imran and Avantika have hit a rough patch in their relationship.

Soon after marriage and fatherhood, Imran’s career fell apart in a way that’s inexplicable, but not uncommon. How does one explain what happened to Vivek Oberoi’s promising career? It was the lull in Imran Khan’s career after his marriage that seems to have killed this beautiful couple’s togetherness.

For a while Imran claimed he was on paternity leave, enjoying his work-free time with his newly-born daughter. After a year or so of Papa pictures in social media, the excuses dried up. It was eminently clear to all that this promising young actor was jobless. A friend of the couple says, “You have to understand that Imran has not worked in any film since the thundering flop Katti Batti in 2015. To simply hang around the house playing Papa, attending parties with his high-profile wife (Avantika Malik) and give an occasional response to social issues on Twitter, is not a healthy way to keep a marriage going.” Sources say Imran’s dead-end acting career may killed his marriage. The couple has apparently taken a mutual break from their marriage to see where it goes.

While we wish the marriage to survive and get back on track, we must also point out how imperative it is for Imran to get back to work. Why is Imran not getting film offers any longer?  Flops? Other actors have weathered more failures than he has. Imran needs to get back into the groove. Especially considering there are so many avenues like web-series and streaming platforms available these days.

A director who has worked with Imran says over-choosiness did his career in. “You are wrong to think Imran stopped getting offers. He was getting his share of films. But he turned them down.  He was looking for roles that would further his skills as an actor. In the bargain he lost many assignments and then the offers stopped coming as news spread that he didn’t want to work.”

Whatever be the reason, a relationship going downhill is not a pleasant sight. Especially something as beautiful as what Imran Khan and Avantika shared.

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