How To Make Chicken Potli For Days You Want Something Quirky Yet Simple


  • Chicken can be prepared in a range of ways
  • Chicken is a good source of protein
  • Chicken potlis are very easy to prepare

Ever wondered how it takes only a little bit of chicken to make any snack sensational and give it a delicious upgrade. The juicy chunks of chicken can truly prove to be a game-changer of sorts, especially on days you want something quick and impressive. Chicken is easy to cook, and its texture is palatable to almost all meat-eaters. It only helps that chicken is also much less fatty as compared to red meat, and is considered healthier too. So, if you want to put up a fare to remember and are looking for that right snack, we are here to help.

These chicken potlis are fried chicken pockets shaped as cute little pouches. They make for a great snack for rainy evenings, game night, movie night or a family get-together.

For making this snack at home you would need some chicken mince, garlic, onion, chilli, ginger, salt, spring onions, soy sauce and oyster sauce. Make a nice mixture using the ingredients, and fill it up in the middle of the filo sheets. Filo sheets are the same sheets that are used to make spring rolls. They are made of refined flour and are rolled up very thin. Nowadays, you can easily get filo sheets across all major supermarkets. You can try to make some at home with this recipe. Use a very thin, maidaroti like base.

Once you fill the sheet with chicken mix, secure it together like a potli or pouch, you can use your fingers to open up the folds on top. You can also tie it at the neck, so that it does not open up while frying. Once you have made all the potlis, deep-fry them  and serve with chilli oil or dip.
Here’s the step-by-step recipe of chicken potli, let us know how liked it.

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