Abortion should be a personal choice

With all the debate around anti-abortion ban, a lot of women are opening up about getting an abortion and their valid reasons for it. Most women are calling it inhumane and something that disregards their rights and bodies. There could be women who would be forced to carry the baby of their rapist, which is deeply unsettling. Showing her disgust, actress Jameela Jamil shared her abortion story, which she calls the best decision she had ever made. “Contraception failed me and I did what was best for my mental and physical health at the time. And I would do it again if I had to. I don’t feel at all ashamed and if you had one too, for any reason, neither should you.

She was heavily trolled after this statement. Many targeted her and called her names. She responded to them by saying, “There is need to normalise the fact that a lot of people don’t just have abortions due to emergencies. A lot of us are not ready, and that should be respected. It is a huge, expensive, life-changing event. We don’t always have family support of a partner. Some of us are young. Some of us are feeling mentally unstable. Some of us aren’t just maternal. Some of us want to finish school or continue on career paths. All of these things are OK. If a fetus is a God’s plan, then so are the children locked in cages at the border, the children being shot down in schools and colleges, so are the homeless, so are the gay and trans people who are raped and murdered, so are the homeless people on the streets. When people start showing more compassion and empathy and protective behavior towards those who are ALIVE, then they can start daring to tell us their opinion on how we should treat the unborn. This bill is pro-birth, not pro-life. They don’t give a fuck about the baby once it’s born,” she wrote.

Jamil was not the only girl who opened up about her abortion. A girl who goes by the name of Mean Girl Regina shared on Twitter recently, “I had an abortion when I was 19. It wasn’t traumatic or particularly interesting. I just didn’t have any money. My partner wasn’t someone I could parent with. I wanted to finish school. I wouldn’t have been a very good mother.”

She further added, “So he read me a long list of cancers a bunch of lawmakers said I would get because I had this abortion. The doctor said the study was done like 30 years ago and had been debunked over and over, but the clinic gets dropped in on regularly and he had to tell me as a formality. I had to sign that I understood and then I made my appointment to come back the next day to take the first pill, and then I would take the second one at home.

Probably the most interesting thing about my abortion is that it changed everything for me. I was not one of those people who giggled about it like an appendectomy- it was the first truly adult decision I had ever made. I cried everyday for a year and sometimes still do.

Was it so evil that I chose abortion over bringing a child into a broken family, into struggle, into an adoption system that would have neglected it? Was it so evil that I also grieved this decision because in other circumstances maybe I would have done something differently?

My abortion is the catalyst that made me try harder in school. I decided I wanted a fulfilling career and I would do whatever it takes to get there. I needed to do work on myself and learn how to be a good friend and a good daughter before I could become a mother.

I am the happiest, most authentic version of myself I have ever been. I learned vulnerability and patience through my abortion. I learned to truly take care of myself.

I wanted to share this because so much of the narrative surrounding abortion right now is that it must be under traumatic circumstances to be “ok.” But abortion is a right. We do not need to dramatize abortion to make it more appealing to anti-choice.”

We also feel that there should be no such thing as illegal abortion – yes, there should only be no unsafe abortion. Abortion should be an option and women should not be forced to proceed with an unwanted pregnancy.

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