Public Reaction On Nikkah Of Agha Ali And Hina Altaf

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Well the big news broke yesterday that Agha Ali and Hina Altaf tied the knot. We all are aware of the previous dating history of Agha Ali that he was engaged with Sarah Khan for a long time but eventually the two parted their ways.

Hina Altaf Aagha Ali Nikah 2 1

Hina Altaf was rumored to be the next partner of Agha Ali. But obviously they denied that they are dating each other. But the news proved that rumors were right.

Hina Altaf Aagha Ali Nikah 1 1

We tried yo analyze the reaction of people on their nikkah and we got to know that in most of the comments people talked about Sarah Khan. Some people were shocked at this news as they we expecting Sarah Khan to be his wife. Some people told some other interesting stories whereas many of them congratulate Agha Ali and Hina Altaf on their big day.

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