PUBLIC – Make You Mine (Official Video)

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“Make You Mine” is available now: follow PUBLIC: …

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49 thoughts on “PUBLIC – Make You Mine (Official Video)

  1. i remember 5 months ago i listened to this song thinking of my special other
    now this song makes me cry because they're gone, it's crazy how something so wonderful could change so fast

  2. So I know this guy from school and we were just friends but we both KNEW that we had feelings for each other … but we NEVER tried something cuz we were both scared to ask each other out I guess … so then we were really good friends like really good friends we had such beautiful summer night and stuff then I moved away:( and I regret being scared to start something . I really wanna kiss him so hard 😖 and be his girl😕but well it’s to late now. All I do is cry and listen to sad fucking songs omg🥺😭

  3. I found this song a few months ago, and lost it. I looked for it for so long, and i cant believe the only reason i found it was because of tiktok

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