We will resort to alternatives if the party leadership is not handed over: Harin Fernando

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COLOMBO (News 1st) – A group of UNP MPs convened a media briefing today (December 02) regarding the party leadership and the position of opposition leader at an Election Operation Centre of Sajith Premadasa located at the Vauxhall Street in Colombo.

UNP MP Nalin Bandara:

“We are not ready at all to give them more time. We only give them this week. Various things are being said about the Opposition Leadership, passing the ball from one court to another. One excuse today and another tomorrow. And another different one on the Party Leadership.

There is nothing to hold on to here. He is our leader. Upon defeat in 1994, he packed his suitcase and left. Therefore he does not have to count the number of days. We understand that this is a trick.

We know that the Rajapaksas are behind this. That is why the Parliament was prorogued for a month. Therefore we will only be patient for another 2, 3 days. We have to remind you that we will also have to make decisions.”

UNP MP Harin Fernando noted that the general public requests the party seniors including Ranil Wickremesinghe to give both the Party Leadership and the Opposition Leadership to Sajith Premadasa. He added that they believe it too.

He went on to note that at this stage it is useless for the current leader to hold on to power furthermore.

He added that if the party leadership is not handed over as per the request of the general public and the majority of the party they would resort to alternatives.

MP Harsha de Silva:

“Our party needs sort of guidelines. We are on the wrong track. We have to follow the right path and lead the United National Party forward.

We have to learn from our mistakes. We have to listen to what the people have to say. We cannot be stubborn and carry out party affairs.

Sajith Premadasa secured 5.5 million votes at the Presidential Election. So what do the people expect?

If a political party cannot understand what the people are saying or if that party is choosing not to understand, that party has no future.”


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