Weight Loss: This Baked High-Protein Hung Curd Snack Is A Perfect Combo Of Taste And Health

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Hung curd kebabs are incredibly delicious.


  • Hung curd kebabs are incredibly delicious
  • The best part about this kebab recipe is that it is completely baked
  • Another healthy addition to this kebab is that of chickpeas or chana

Who doesn’t love to gorge on all things greasy and decadent? While cutlets and kebabs are some of the most drool-worthy snacks available at restaurants across cities, the ones who are on a weight loss diet often tend to face difficulties in finding their pick. If you happen to come under the same category and are looking for some homemade healthy snacking options, we’re here to help. You can now create restaurant-style kebabs at home that are devoid of excessive calories. Bring out freshly churned curd (dahi) from the refrigerator and convert it into hung curd to make healthy and wholesome kebabs at home.

Hung curd kebabs are incredibly delicious and you’re bound to experience a burst of flavours the moment you bite into them. The best part about this kebab recipe is that it is completely baked and doesn’t involve any use of oil (except while greasing the baking tray), further making it weight-loss-friendly. Apart from this, the prime ingredient used in this recipe is hung curd, which itself brims with healthful properties, and further helps keep the gut healthy and running as it is a probiotic food. Another healthy addition to this kebab is that of chickpeas or chana, which makes the baked snack incredibly rich in protein content.

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Here’s How You Can Make High-Protein Hung Curd Kebabs At Home:


Dahi – 1 cup
Red chili powder – as per taste
Chaat masala – 1 tsp
Bread crumbs – half a cup
Cumin powder – 1 tsp
Chickpeas – half a cup, boiled
Ginger-garlic paste – 1 tsp
Green chili -1, small
Salt to taste


To begin with, bring out the dahi from the refrigerator and wait for it to come at room temperature. Then prepare hung curd using a muslin cloth. Click here to know how to make hung curd at home.
Transfer the boiled chickpeas in a grinder and coarsely grind them.
Take a wide bowl and mix together all the ingredients except bread crumbs to form a stiff dough.
Take small portions from the dough and form round balls. Flatten them a little and roll them over bread crumbs till they get evenly coated. Place them inside a freezer for about half an hour.
Once this is done, grease the baking tray with some cooking spray and lay the kebabs over it. Bake the kebabs for 10-12 minutes on each side. 
Serve with chutneys of your choice. 

So, without thinking any further, bring together the above-mentioned ingredients and prepare for yourself a delight that is a perfect combo of taste and health.

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