Hong Kong’s University Students Dig in for Battles With Police

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HONG KONG — Protesters armed on Thursday with firebombs and bows and arrows reinforced the fortifications they had built on Hong Kong university campuses in anticipation of clashes with the police, as demonstrations disrupted Hong Kong’s morning commute for a fourth straight weekday.

At the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the site of battle scenes earlier in the week that evoked citadels under siege, young protesters built brick walls outside the campus’s entrances. On the fringes of other school campuses, students built elaborate roadblocks that some in the movement call “Stonehenges.”

The protests started in June over an extradition bill that has since been withdrawn, and have morphed into broader demands for democracy and police accountability. In recent days, the locus of tension between protesters and the police has moved from the streets to university campuses, which were once sanctuaries for the students at the core of the movement.

Here’s the latest on the Hong Kong protests.

The police kicked off the workday on Thursday by spraying tear gas at an entrance of Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Around the same time, the university sent an email to the staff urging them to leave the campus “in view of the escalating danger and a high risk of bodily injury.”

Tensions were also running high on other campuses. At least two other universities — CUHK and Hong Kong Baptist University — have already canceled on-campus lectures for the remainder of the fall semester.

At CUHK on Thursday, protesters were seen building brick walls around the campus entrances. “All day all night,” read a slogan someone spray-painted on one of the walls, “We are gonna fight.”

Across town at the University of Hong Kong, protesters used bricks and bamboo poles to erect elaborate roadblocks.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday night, the university’s president urged members of the campus not to “create any situation which will lead to police entering the campus to search, to investigate or to make arrests.”

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