Is your child scared of injections? Here is how you can make it easy

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If your little one is scared of needle shots and gets hysterical with the mere thought of getting one, be rest assured that you are not alone.

However, getting their children injected is the necessary evil that parents have to learn to deal with. So, even though your heart breaks at the sight of your kid howling, you know it is important to protect against deadly diseases.

Here are five simple ways you can help your child cope with the fear of shots and needles.

1.Tell them the truth

It is important that you keep your child informed that needles do hurt but only for a short time. You can also tell them how it helps in fighting infections and protecting them.

2. Ask the nurse about a more comfortable position

To prevent kids from wiggling during the whole process, a lot of doctors suggest the kids to lie down. However, this may trigger the fear of pain in your little one.

Ask your medical care provider if the kid can sit and make it a point to hold him/her firmly.

3. Rewards always help

You can get your child his/her favourite chocolate or snack as a reward for being brave. When you follow this pattern, your child may have something to look forward to after the shot.

4. Use distractions

From their favourite story book to the song that gets them dancing, be armed with distractions when you take your child for an injection.

5. You need to stay calm

Ultimately, remember that your child looks up to you in the matters of distress. If he sees you happy and smiling, he will take the cue and understand that it is not that big one of deal. So, try to remain calm and do not tense up during the visit.

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