2018 Most Used Background Music by Youtubers | No Copyright

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Here is a list of most popular music used by Youtubers. All this music is not copyrighted, it means you can use it on your videos anytime. Want more background …

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38 thoughts on “2018 Most Used Background Music by Youtubers | No Copyright

  1. Does anyone know of the tune that kind of whistles in the beginning, then a male voice comes and says "YEAH!" Then that's followed by a booming bass & a line of the lyrics that goes, "wouldn't it be amazing…." Can't really recall the rest of it.

  2. Okay this is driving me crazy. Does anyone know that slightly melancholy piano one that isnt exactly sad, but a little, its mostly just kind of relaxing?? Its used a lot over emotional or heart warming footage in videos. I'm sure shane has used it a few times. I cant find it man

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