America’s First Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship

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Since its heyday in the late 1800s, bare-knuckle boxing in the US has been relegated to parking lots and grimy basements, an underground sport that couldn’t …

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38 thoughts on “America’s First Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship

  1. yes! at last we steps away from death matches! woop woop! and i don't mean it in a bad way, i 'm really tired of all this kids making millions, lecturing use how to treat china in a well manner way, and they never put there life on the line.

  2. This is awesome!!! But why do female athletes always complain about being a female athlete? "People don't like women fighting" The PPV numbers that were mentioned literally right before you said that would beg to differ😂

  3. That girl Garcia was not ready for round 2 LOL! You could see the way she exhaled before the start of 2 she was wincing and not ready for more. That’s when I knew it was over for her.

  4. I've seen some brutal knees to the face in MMA. Fist fights are nothing. Obviously people will get critically hurt and some will lose their life but that's what it takes to be a warrior. You're either a wolf or you're a sheep.

  5. I think lot of people have to understand what the guy said about the system, the system have lied to us time after time about what is illegal and what is legal but to be honest with you, bare knuckle fights have better aim at reducing stress, fatigue, body weight and also living a healthier mentality towards future without ever having fear of new people and able to hold conversations without pausing or feeling awkward. Social life expands, popolarity gains and new friends for life in bare knuckle gym make you feel confident and human. Only trouble is, people without all these things live inside system and are told what to do, how to live and how to react to what is in front of you. Can you see anybody hurt, in trauma or in pain? Can you see a safe and secure ring, minimum of five rounds because of risk in trauma and also trained fighting stances with clean hits to reduce force of knuckle so that there is no over excessively harder blows? My point is, the owner had really put in a lot of effort to secure his fighters and assure them of their health and safety have been kept up to date with and is active. The only reason why he gets criticised by people mostly is, these people live in a system where it fear over freedom but he is trying to change that and inspire young adults to enter a promised sport of freedom that is picked over fear. I rather freedom, than fear because when you got fear it will destroy you life by holding you down than raising you up to you true full potential. Just research the owner, do a inside story about why he choosed to help these brave young fighters out of fear and find out more than what this trash show called VICE is giving you because l really like him and the fighters also l believe their doing this for a future potential that reduces hate crimes, gang culture and make legal grounds no matter what walk of lifes they come from everybody has passion to change, inspire and be the greatest. It only take you one day to look at their personal lifes to why their influenced to do this, what is one day of knowing these amazing guys in compared to a whole life time of criticising?

  6. Bare knuckle fighting is safer than with gloves because the bones in the hand are more sensitive than with gloves, I’ve been in plenty of fights with and without gloves. BloodSports isn’t for anyone and if you don’t like it then don’t watch it!

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