Amna Ilyas owns her dark skin, says ‘shatter the colonised mindset of light skin’

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Model-turned-actress Amna Ilyas fiercely owns her dark skin and the beauty associated with it and wishes for everyone to “shatter the colonised mindset of light skin”.

In a post on her Instagram account, the fashion model-actor shared a throwback video of an awards ceremony where she bravely spoke of how the accolade she had won was a smack in the faces of her haters who tried to bring her down because of her dark skin.

In her acceptance speech, Amna Ilyas – who was nominated in the ‘Model of the Year (Female)’ category in 2011 and 2012 – had reminisced how people used to tell her, “Haye, yeh tou kaali hai.”

“So everybody who thought that I am ugly just because I’m dark, this is the answer to that,” she had exclaimed, holding her award to the audience.

In the accompanying caption on her Instagram post, she wrote that that “message is still so relevant!”

Ilyas said: “When I started modelling, I was criticised for my color and because of that, I had to work extra hard to prove that my darkness doesn’t mean I’m ugly.

“Today I want to say something to the dark skinned girl reading this, you are not ugly. You are beautiful. You are deserving. Our skin tones should be embraced for the distinct beauty it brings.

“One by one, we can shatter the colonised mindset of light skin is the only skin. It all starts with YOU.

“Follow your dream and don’t let the world of fairness creams and racism stop you,” she underscored.

In the comments, Mahira Khan – who was on the stage alongside Fawad Khan in the video Ilyas shared – said it was the “Bestttt speech.”

Her fans, too, were supportive, with one saying, “You inspire me everday [sic] sweetie and another noting: “You’re not ugly People who call you ugly can’t see.”

“Talent dont need any white colourn [sic],” said yet another admirer.

A woman added: “I love you for the tough price you paid to stand in here. I love you because you didnot got yourself injected to change your complexion. I love you because you are honest enough to accept it. I love you because you are confident enough to raise question for yourself and for us. Thankyou”.

Ilyas had made waves after clinching the lead role in blockbuster 2013 film ‘Zinda Bhaag’. She has since appeared in popular Pakistani films such as ‘Good Morning Karachi’, ‘Saat Din Mohabbat In’, ‘Ready Steady No’ and ‘Baaji’.

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