High-Protein Diet: These Healthy Recipes Are A Delightful Treat To Satiate Hunger Pangs

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High Protein Diet: Here are some of the best high-protein recipes to prepare at home.

A bowl of salad or a healthy chaat can never be a bad idea for a light meal. It is refreshing, filling and super healthy, don’t you agree? Picture a colourful bowl packed with carrot, cabbage and loads of fruits topped with a sweet and tangy dressing. We see you drooling, already! It is the best way to make for a healthy diet since raw veggies and fresh fruits retain a high nutritive value as they are not yet exposed to heat or cooking. We’ve got you a some of the most delicious and healthy recipes that are exactly that and much more.

Cabbage and chana dal salad is delicious, nutritionally-rich and super easy to prepare! Cabbage is a super healthy vegetable that is low on calories and rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Chana dal (split chickpea) is protein-rich, helps in lowering cholesterol in the bloodstream and is known to be beneficial for diabetic patients since it is low on glycaemic index. We’ve got you a list of high-protein recipes that would bring protein-rich ingredients together and make for a super nutritious meal.

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1. Cabbage And Chana Dal Salad

Cabbage and chana dal salad recipe is shared by food vlogger Manjula Jain on her YouTube channel Manjula’s Kitchen. In this recipe, chopped cabbage, carrot, cucumber, tomatoes and mint leaves are tossed together with soaked chana dal in a bowl. It is then topped with a delicious dressing of ginger juice, vinegar, olive oil, black pepper, lemon juice, salt and a bit of sugar. Tangy, sweet, refreshing and healthy, this salad is ideal for those summer brunches or as a mid-day meal to satiate those hunger pangs.

2. Hare Chane Ki Chaat

Here is a recipe by Youtuber Alpa on her channel Something’s Cooking With Alpa. Made with a mix of chana, onion, tomatoes, spices, salt, chillies, lime and coriander, tossed together and made into a tangy chaat. You can relish this at home during those untimely hunger pangs.

3. Corn Bhel

Here is a delicious corn bhel recipe packed with the goodness of corn, cucumber, onion, pomegranate and a whole lot of spices. This recipe is shared by chef Ananya Banerjee on her Youtube channel.

Prepare these high-protein recipes at home and relish away!

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