All these were convicted of far-right extremism: Where is the national outrage?

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In recent weeks a spate of convictions of those inpsired by far-right extremism may not have gone unnoticed.

The wider media so keen to expose the convictions of Muslims seem almost oblivious to what should be a national outrage.

One only has to ask the pertinent question: What would have happened if these were Muslims? Where are the politicians calling for a ‘crack down’ on far-right extremism? And where are their calls for studies into the rise of far-right extremism on our shores?

Should we not be exploring why this is happening? Who is to blame for this? Those same extremism experts who are rolled out on to TV screens are almost silent on the issue.

Should we not be looking at why it is still so easy to insitgate hatred on social media and in some sections of the press?

Whilst the UK ponders over Brexit there is a growing concern about how cases like these have not been given the due attention from politicians and the media.

Here are just of those who were convicted in the past month.

Darren Dale aged 41 of Reads Avenue, Blackpool was sentenced to three years and four months in prison at Preston Crown Court after pleading guilty to threats to kill and attempted possession of a prohibited weapon.

A Nazi-obsessed Buckinghamshire teenager who said it was his dream to plan a terror attack and vowed to fill London’s streets with blood has been jailed.

Jacek Tchorzewski built up a cache of terrorist manuals and guides for homemade firearms, and had an interest in Satanism and occult practices.

The 18-year-old, of High Wycombe, was caught with a range of documents for planning an attack when his electronics were seized on February 20 this year.

Far-right bigot Pawel Golaszewski, 34, was stopped by armed police on February 23 in Abbey Road, Leeds, and had his computers seized.

Police uncovered a stash of terrorist material, including detailed instructions on how to make weapons and various killing techniques.

A terrorist inspired by the Christchurch mosque attacks was jailed for more than 18 years for stabbing a teenager in a bid to “murder a Muslim”.

Vincent Fuller, 50, lunged at 19-year-old Dimitar Mihaylov’s neck with a 12in kitchen knife the day after the New Zealand shootings, which left 51 people dead.

The victim, a British roofer with Bulgarian heritage, suffered defence wounds to his hand when he was attacked through his car window in a Tesco car park in Stanwell, west London.

This posted neo-Nazi stickers on lamp-posts was jailed for 30 months.

Nathan Worrell, 46, was found guilty of eight offences of stirring up racial hatred at Grimsby Crown Court.

During the trial, Worrell denied the Holocaust took place and said he had been a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

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