Planning a house in the hills? Here’s why you should invest in a wooden house

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Don’t we all imagine sipping tea in the balcony overlooking the breathtaking view of hills? Owning a house in the hills is like a dream come true. But if you are thinking of investing in a hill station property and thinking of getting a lavish concrete home, you need to rethink. A wooden house in the hills always makes sense. We caught up with Sanjay Sharma, founder of Woodbarn India who are one of the pioneers of wooden constructions in India. Apart from being an environment-friendly material, there are several advantages of building a wooden house in the hills.

Quicker to build

One of the significant concerns about construction in hilly areas is the time and the situation in which the homes are built. Places with higher snowfall can only transport the building material from one place to another for only 2 to 3 months when the roads are open for construction. This is also the time when labour is readily available. While a contemporary home, made of brick and mortar takes about three years to build, a wooden structure can be made on-site in 15 days.

Energy Efficiency

In colder climates, the electric-energy consumption of modern wooden houses is 9.43% lower than the light steel house and 10.92% lower than the concrete homes. Wooden houses take you to a greener path, helping you contribute your bit to the world.

Seismic Performance and Strength

Almost all hilly areas in India are in the Seismic Zone 5, which refers to these areas being the riskiest zones in case of earthquakes. Wooden homes can take countless storms and withstand earthquakes up to 9 Richter scale. Security supplemented by beauty, now what a combination would that be!

Maintains Thermal Balance

Wood is considered as a natural insulator and is very effective in keeping the dwelling warm. Its heat-trapping characteristics make it an ideal choice over stone, concrete, and brick or other building materials. Along with being a good thermal insulator, wood is also an exceptional component to absorb noise– making wooden houses warm, relaxing and peaceful.

Aesthetically versatile

Trimming and tailoring your abodes according to your taste or changing the plot size or simply arranging it the way you want are just a few of the advantages of a wooden house. Wooden houses are easy to play with and to make changes to especially in the escalated terrains such as valleys and hills. Whether you want it to be a conventional home or something more on the modern lines, wood seems to be the perfect partner, complimenting your choice.

Wooden dwellings and houses are a much better investment than any other construction material as they allow one to go green and at the same time ride the wave of classy interiors. Along with proffering a range of features and benefits, wood seems to be just the apt answer to all your house-hassles!

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