Ayesha omar Talks About Her Future Projects

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Ayesha Omar was recently invited to Momina’s mixed plate where she was asked about her life that what is going on in her life on which she spoke about her projects.

She said that “bulbulay is back after ten years which is unbelievable as it has been stopped because it went to another channel because the producer went to another channel but now it is back to its home which is Ary Digital and it is appreciated so far the same way ,it used to be appreciated when it was started.”

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She said,”a part from that a new movie Rehbara that we have been shooting for around two years has finally begun again and hopefully it will be out soon. The movie was stopped because the financiers ran out of money. There is another movie in the making too ”

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She said ” I thought in last summers that for a year I will only travel around the world since then I have been doing just that also a few places are left to visit for which I am just going now.”

Talking about work she said, “since all my savings are spent so I will be working a lot for sure in future.”

Besides this, she is also part of Khalil ul Rehman Qamar’s upcoming movie Kaaf Kangna. So it is a good news for her fans as after wrapping up her travels she is going to be back on screen.

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