Abid Ali’s Family Urges to Stop Spreading Fake News of His Death

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Abid Ali’s both daughters Rahma Ali and Iman Ali requested to all the Media channels to stop breaking news of their father’s death atleast let him live till he is alive. There were a lot of news channels who break this false news to get TRP, 92 news has reported that we have talked to his daughters after his demise and later on they deleted that video.

Feroze Khan and Shamoon Abbasi has also posted to Media that stop spreading false news about Abid Ali and pray for his recovery. And we also want to say to the channels it is not the time of ratings and breaking news its time to peacefully pray for a living legend.

We pray Sir Abid Ali a speedy recovery. May Allah bless him with health and healing.

Here are the posts of his daughters.

Screenshot 20190904 053159

Screenshot 20190904 052818

Screenshot 20190904 053056

Screenshot 20190904 053116

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