Mandolin Orange – One More Down

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New song from mandolin orange… written by our own Andrew Marlin of course. What a wordsmith. Here are the chords so that everyone can sleep at night!

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50 thoughts on “Mandolin Orange – One More Down

  1. Andrew and Emily ! I have a big interest in how you did your live set up with the condenser mic. I got an akg p220 recently trying to complete my acoustic rig. The mic channel has no eq or notch filter so I can only get the amp at half wattage currently. The amp is a rms but I thought about selling it to get a fishman loud box with better features. I'm trying so hard to get my music out and play live it's such a challenge ! Please play at the peel again I missed the show in February.

  2. Saw you tonight for the first time on UNCTV. I had to find out when you are performing close to me. Wilkesboro at the Merlefest April 27th. I will be there to see you. Beautiful music.

  3. Heard this song on pandora and loved it. Then heard another song I loved it and didn't realize it was the same group. Now that I've heard some more songs, there's not one song I dislike so far

  4. Just discovered you yesterday. So so damn good, and I don't normally listen to this type of music. I simply can't stop listening though, absolutely beautiful. Much love from Greensboro.

  5. You guys are beautiful and make beautiful music. I truly appreciate the things that you guys are doing and I hope to one day be able to express my passion for music they way you two do. If you guys are touring, PLEASE come to NC somewhere in the Charlotte area, I would go through great lengths to see you guys! You're amazing. 

    Much love from Charlotte, 

  6. Wow ongoing goosiebumps here! Thank you for writing such beautiful music! And big thank you for the chords! I just got a mando and absolutely inspired by your souls singing <3

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