This heart is yours: Woman leaves inspirational mementos around Whitehorse

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Whitehorse perambulators may discover tiny packaged treasures meant to inspire and be kept, or passed along for another to find.

Lorna Sands has been leaving heart-shaped rocks in tiny bags around the city. In each bag, along with the rock, is an inspirational note meant to brighten the day of whoever finds it.

“Having a shitty day?” reads one side of a card Sands recently shared. 

“Hope this heart helps it go away,” reads the other side of the card.

Sands calls it her heart sharing project.

“I’m just trusting the universe, that whoever finds it, it’s meant for them and it brings them the meaning they need that day,” she said.

Sands began collecting heart-shaped rocks in 2014. She said she always enjoyed walks in nature, and the opportunity they provide for self-discovery and clarity of purpose.

In Victoria, B.C., Sands found herself working a job that had taken her away from her sons in Whitehorse.

“I missed my sons dearly … but I loved Vancouver Island.”

Sands went on walks daily to help resolve her situation.

“And when I’m talking to myself … as I’m walking along the ocean shoreline, I started finding rocks, and it just kinda made me feel clear — go back to Whitehorse and be with your sons.”

Once back in Whitehorse Sands began to share the rocks, and she’s done so every day this summer except for when out of town on holidays.

Lorna Sands has been spreading packages of inspiration around Whitehorse. They contain a heart-shaped rock and an inspirational message. (George Maratos/CBC)

She includes her contact information with each rock. She invites finders to let her know where they found the rock, what the find might have meant to them, and what they’ve decided to do with the rock.

Sands said responses sent to her website have been positive, although one person told her to stop littering and “do better.”

Sands said she doesn’t try to make her treasures difficult to find, but she does place them around the city in spots safe from the elements, such as on a window ledge.

She says she has no plans to stop.

“I think our heart is so much more powerful than most of us realize,” Sands said. “It’s our inner strength, and if we can all learn how to centre ourselves and go within our heart it’s … amazing how focused we can be … and what we can accomplish.”

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