Nicole Nafziger: DUMPED by Azan When She Ran Out of Cash?

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Fans have been concerned for years that Azan Tefou, whose real name is Hassan, is just stringing along Nicole Nafziger.

Viewers of this latest season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? haven’t exactly been reassured by the content of Season 4.

The plan remains the same: Nicole will embark on an expensive trip, meet up with Azan, and eventually bring him to the US with her.

Nicole keeps showing a lot of eagerness.

Azan, from what 90 Day Fiance viewers have seen, has not.

After their latest mysteriously canceled trip, fans have been reporting that Azan is finally done catfishing her.

Not because he had a moral wakeup call — but because she ran out of cash to send him.

Is it true? Take a look:

Is it over?

A lot of fans want to see Nicole get her happily ever after, but some of her supporters are less and less sure that she can get that with Azan. No matter how you feel about them as a couple, if this new breakup rumor about them is true, it’s going to be huge for the fandom.

First, they tried 90 Day Fiance

First, they tried 90 Day Fiance

Nicole apparently signed up because she thought that the show might help with the K-1 visa process. Nope! Where’s the drama in that? The paperwork (and it is expensive) remains the American spouse’s job.

That didn’t work

That didn't work

Nicole says that men Azan’s age are not having any luck getting K-1 visas. Young Muslim men having trouble getting into the US is pretty believable, unfortunately. That said … this is the same couple who claims that Morocco doesn’t allow money to be sent out, which does not appear to be true.

The plan is still to live in America

The plan is still to live in America

It’s just that that plan now involves extra steps, beyond those of the K-1 visa.

So they’ll get married in Morocco!

So they'll get married in Morocco!

That’s what Nicole and Azan tried to do, only to call off the wedding … twice. Nicole’s family is in less good humor about losing out travel money than Nicole herself.

Nicole promised that she’d made a careful investment

Nicole promised that she'd made a careful investment

She told her fans and family alike that she’d given Azan $6,000 so that he could start a shop in Morocco. It was a very vaguely defined store, and people worried that she was being scammed. Nicole’s intention was to put people at ease because they were laying the groundwork for their future together.

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