Afrobeats is the Nigerian sound taking over pop music

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There is a sound in pop music you’ve been hearing a lot lately—it’s called Afrobeats. And behind that sound is a story of how one African country’s music went …

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26 thoughts on “Afrobeats is the Nigerian sound taking over pop music

  1. What he is talking about known around the world were many like me did not hear about until now…..and I listen music ..mix from around the world and mostly famous are Latin music….around the world….not that I will not listening

  2. I hate, and absolutely hate sound that is computer generated and inane, and i hate inane lyrics as with rap, even without computer generated noise, because they are inane.

  3. Nothing good comes out of Africa. This is just some African guy promoting African music (which isn't that good or it would spred like wildlife like any other type of good music) and most likely with a hidden agenda.

  4. Rock, metal, punk etc. sound the same to many. But sophisticated listeners will point out the nuance and innovation in each. For those saying Afrobeats is "African/West African", you actually do our arts a disservice. There are many unique sounds (cadence, breaks etc) from West Africa. Afrobeats is one such sound that originated in Nigeria and popularized mainly by Nigerian artists.

  5. "Afrobeats" as a contemporary genre is a NIGERIAN-ORIGINATED sound. Sure, West Africans share similar music instruments, vocal style so some patterns will always be recognizable. I mean, everybody raps, and rap may be rooted in African vocal rhythms, but it is a distinct African-American genre.

    I love my Ghanaians… but una like to claim too much, jor! Carve out a niche and Nigeria is more than happy to celebrate you our cousins as well 🙂

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