‘Want to serve the humanity? Start by wearing deodorant’ Check out this female Police Officer’s hilarious tweets

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A Pakistani police officer’s hilarious tweets about life dealing with members of the public have garnered a great deal of reactions.

Punjab Police Force’s Amna Baig is a trailblazing female officer who regularly takes to social media from her account @amnaappi to share her thoughts about life on the front line.

As well as sharing the more serious side to her job the quick-witted officer loves to tell it like it is. Among most memorable tweets have included dealing with unwanted wedding guests to telling males they should at least wear some deodorant.

In one she said, “An Aunty is adamant that I file an FIR on Billu from around the corner for breaking her Rooster’s leg. Billu denies breaking of the leg – Requests for an X-ray”

When her phone went missing she posted, “Got my phone stolen today. Husband told me to call the cops.”

On wearing Asian style clothes she said, “Nothing empowers women like pockets in desi clothes!”

With regards to a wedding incident she posted, “15 call of the day: Phupho has come uninvited to Bhanji’s wedding. Police is needed to make her leave.”

It must have been typically hot day but it didn’t stop her exclaiming, “Want to serve the humanity? Start by wearing deodorant.”

On more serious notes she has been keen to share her thoughts on being a female officer and and also dealing with high profile incidents across the Punjab.

Earlier in the year she posted,

“Glad #AuratMarch happened & did exactly what was needed; started a debate. I have had men listen to me patiently as I explained my experiences of being groped. I have had the same gender make me uncomfortable as I sat next to them in a plane. #NotAllButMost

“I have had male seniors tell me that I am more talented than my male colleagues. I have had men come to my office just to ‘look at’ the female ASP. I have had a father who told me I could be anything. I have had the same parent push me to cover my head for the fear of other men.

“I have had male friends tell me its alright to hang out with guys. I have had friends tell me to wear ‘something appropriate’ on these hangouts. I have had men tell me equality is the right of every living being irrespective of gender. I have had men tell me it’s not.”

And here she points out why some things were still so taboo.




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