UN Human Right chief’s concern on 04/21 attacks

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COLOMBO (News 1st): United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet speaking about the situation of Human Rights worldwide also spoke about the situation of Sri Lanka. Bachelet said that she is afraid that the terrorist attack launched in our country two months ago may have fuelled the increase in tensions.

She continued to say that she is disturbed by the reports of Anti-Muslim attacks where statements made by certain religious leaders incite violence which should be treated as early warning indicators that should be addressed. The UN High Commissioner further said that while some of the counter-terrorism measures are warranted that the state of emergency should be of minimal duration.

Bachelet also said that a priority should be given to bringing political, religious and other community leaders together to address the root causes of all the forms of violence and discrimination. She added that everybody should be more vigilant in the face of hatred and violent extremism which feeds off each other and that everyone needs to act both with great urgency and care.

The United Nations would be best advised if their analytical skills reveal the true nature of the violence perpetrated post the April 21st attacks. Sri Lankans were rising up against terrorism that was threatening the peace prevalent on the island for nearly 10 years now.

In terms of the terror perpetrated in Iraq Syria and Libya, the United Nations was notably absent. In the case of the shooting down of the US unmanned aerial vehicle within the Iranian international airspace, it is worth remembering that the US is taking punitive actions against the interest of Iran.

It is apt that we remember what writer Arundhati Roy said about the three most secretive institutions that run the world. The three organizations namely the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the World Trade Center, all dominated by the US is where the decisions are made in secret. The natural question arises if the UN is also attempting to become a member of this exclusive club, in a desire to control nations they perceive to be vulnerable.

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