High Protein Diet: 5 Fun Ways To Make Your Summer Diet Rich In Protein

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Protein helps build muscle and induce feeling of satiety.


  • Protein is a crucial component for weight loss
  • Weight loss does not mean you need to eat all things bland and boring
  • Summers are a good time to lose weight

Let’s admit it. We are all having a very hard time coping with the heat. But we also know that summers are here to stay for a while and the heat may even get intense in days to come. We no longer want to step out, some of us are also complaining of indigestion and dehydration. Amidst all of this, not many of us can keep up with our commitment to diet and fitness. But do you also know that summers are an excellent time to lose weight?! Since our metabolism is higher in these months as compared to the nippy ones, it is easier to shed a few kilos in summers. If you are on a mission to lose some pounds and gain muscle, you would be aware of the role of protein in your life. Protein helps build muscle and induce feeling of satiety. If you feel full, you would not binge, and thus, keep fat at bay.

Here Are Some Cool And Yummy Ways In Which You Can Up Your Protein Intake This Summer: 

1. Make Yummy Raita

Raita is one summer staple we can never get enough of. Made with cooling yogurt, raita can prove to be an excellent source of protein. Hundred grams of yogurt contains 10 grams of protein. Yogurt is also good for your gut, digestion and immunity. You can throw in your favourite summer essentials in your raita such as cucumber (or lauki) or simple prepare it with cumin seeds and chilli powder. You can also try this delicious flax seed raita recipe and beat the heat while loading up on a good dose of protein.

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High protein diet: Yogurt is good source of protein

2. Summery Protein Shakes

Protein shakes make for an ideal post-workout snack. Not only does it help recover muscle after a gruelling session, it also plays an instrumental part in filling you up immediately. In the scorching weather, summer berries serve as a delectable respite. Blend them in your wholesome protein shakes and enjoy. 

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Protein shakes make for an ideal post-workout snack.

3. Say Yes To Cheese

Cheese can actually do wonders for your body weight. No we have not gone bonkers. All we are trying to say is make wise decisions and practice portion control. Not all cheeses are bad. Feta and cottage cheese are actually classified as good fats and are super dense in protein. Eat them in moderation. You can toss them up in salads filled with greens, citrus fruits, nuts and summery melons for a filling protein and fibre-rich treat. 

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High protein diet: Cheese can actually do wonders for your body weight.

4. Don’t Toss Away The Melon Seeds

Melons have to be one of the best bits about this scorching heat. While you gorge on to the pulp, make sure you do not throw away the seeds. Watermelon and muskmelon seeds are good source of protein apart from being enriched with vital minerals such as magnesium, iron and folate. You can munch on these seeds whenever cravings kick. They serve as a nice mid-meal snack; you can mix them up with chia seeds, pumpkin seeds and enjoy a nutty trail-mix. 

watermelon seeds

High protein diet: Melons have to be one of the best bits about this scorching heat.

5. Include More Dal In Your Diet

Lentils are an excellent source of plant-based protein. Our kitchen pantry is often loaded with so many dals from moong to masoor to urad. It is a good idea to include a bowl of dal in your daily lunch for your daily protein intake. You can also add summer veggies like lauki or raw mango in your dal. Since dal is not heavy and is more liquid-y in consistency, it ensures steady inflow of nutrients without being too heavy on your tummy. 


High protein diet: Lentils are an excellent source of plant-based protein.

Try these tips and let us know if there are any more interesting ways in which you are meeting your protein requirements nowadays. 

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