Sari is the most modern garment, one which can be perceived in so many different ways: Designer Sanjay Garg

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For designer Sanjay Garg, a white sooti sari is a must-have for women in their summer wardrobe. (Designed by Gargi Singh/The Indian Express)

Fashion label Raw Mango, founded by textile designer Sanjay Garg over a decade ago, recently launched its Summer Festive 2019 Collection. Titled ‘Bageecha’, it features beautiful garments in summer hues and light-weight fabrics, perfect to beat the scorching heat.

In an email interview with, the designer talks about the new collection, an essential summer must-have for women, and his love for saris.

What is your latest collection all about? Why did you decide to name it ‘Bageecha’? 

‘Bageecha’ features the fauna and flora of summer gardens, transitioning in seasons from the festive ‘Heer’ collection. Garments and saris are woven in silk brocade and lightweight organza in a range of summer colours, transitioning from the warmer daytimes of angoori and lavender, to the evening black and nimbu peela.

Who have you designed Bageecha for?

We design all our collections for women who are self-aware, independent and not afraid to be themselves so they have no trouble making the garment their own.

raw mango, fashion label, fashion designer sanjay garg, indian express
Bageecha features garments in lovely summer hues.

You are known for working with traditional weaves such as Chanderi, Banarasi and Mashru and also using traditional techniques. How do you manage to seamlessly give traditional weaves and techniques a modern touch in your designs? 

We embody tradition in our designs by constantly questioning the context in which it is spoken of. Both tradition and modernity are extremely subjective, there is no way to particularly “modernise” weaves. To me sari is the most modern garment, one which can be perceived in so many different ways.

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What are the five must-haves a woman should have in her summer wardrobe?

I would only choose one – a white sooti (cotton) sari.

If you have the option to ban one fashion trend this season, what would it be?

I don’t believe in trends – instead, explore your culture, tradition and heritage and think about the uniqueness each textile or fabric can bring, and of course, dress for your body type.

What according to you, is the best summer attire for women? Can you help us create a look?

Summers in India are extremely hot and dry, which is why I would recommend lightweight and airy/breathable fabric or textile – whether that is sooti, organza or chanderi.

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