The American Asian Connection! Andrew Yang campaign.

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What impact does the Aisian community have on the Andrew Yang campaign? I find out with my new friend and YouTube follower Kevin. As well as at the Aisian …

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24 thoughts on “The American Asian Connection! Andrew Yang campaign.

  1. 身为一个华人,还能支持民主党。真的不要脸。还发全民红利,还嫌这个国家白吃粮食的人不够多吗?
    TRUMP 2020!!!

  2. Yang.
    At last someone who will challenge the old system.
    Marxist-Leninism in the U.S.A.
    CCP Policy.
    As a Pre-Marx socialist I fundamentally disagree on his policy of behaviour and thought control.

  3. "I'm not Asian…". You could be. LOL *Yang2020* dont forget to donate!!! Andrew Yang is an inspiration for all Americans. Without immigrants, Silicon Valley wouldnt be what it is today. Without the orginal immigrants, i mean the settlers, the United States wouldn't be what it is today.

  4. Here in NYC there's not much interest — people are working too hard too long for too little so they don't really keep on top of the news. I've met many who haven't ever heard of him, and of those who have many ain't really interested, and of those interested many don't believe in him and/or his platform…etc. Oh well!

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