Maharshi Trailer and Why the Mahesh Babu Film Was Kept Under Wraps for So Long

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The trailer of Maharshi has been released on Thursday just a week before the film is to be released. And there is  a very good reason for why the trailer was delayed to almost the last minute. According to  sources  in  the  know  Mahesh Babu  and  his director Vamshi Paidipally wanted  to keep  the  film’s theme, songs and  inter-relations  under wraps  till the  last minute.

“See, in terms of plot  Maharshi is one  of  the  simplest  most transparent stories  Mahesh Babu has ever  done. There are  no  sub-plots, no lengthy song  and dance breaks. This is the story of  an Indian hero , a brilliant  IIT student , who wants  to  own  the world but finds himself drawn  back to his roots.And  Mahesh Babu  had nothing to  hide in this  film. Once the film’s trailer  is out the  audience knows exactly what  to   expect. The excitement this time  around Mahesh Babu lies in the expected, not the  unexpected,” says  a source  very  close to Mahesh babu.

In fact the promotion of the film will also be very minimal.

“It’s going to be cut-to-cut . Mahesh Babu has taken off  for a European  vacation with his  wife and  two children . He will be back just before the release  of Maharshi. So the  publicity and promotion  are going to remain minimal. Maharshi is  a film that will do all the talking for Mahesh Babu,” says  the source.

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