Exclusive: 'Crazy Rich Asians' Trailer

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Check out this exclusive trailer of “Crazy Rich Asians,” starring Constance Wu, Henry Golding, Michelle Yeoh and more. Based on the best-selling book by Kevin …

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43 thoughts on “Exclusive: 'Crazy Rich Asians' Trailer

  1. As a European Aussie I completely identify as an Asian, I mean we're in the eastern hemisphere, we are basically SE Asia. I love Asian woman, I love my Japanese GF. put more Asian girls on screen, thank you!

  2. Proper representation??? It Should of been titled :"Vapid, greedy Superficial, Asian new-money consumer pop culture whore"! …way to brake the "jade ceiling" with prepetuating the stereotypes we allready had of Asians!!!….what's the seque called l??? "Bad driver,Over-Achiver, Good at Math"???

  3. *stupid. Hollywood is highly racist by putting "Asians" in the movie title. "Black Panther" is not racism. Because black people are actually pitiful, Hollywood has to make such a movie to build their pride. But "Asians" are different. We have equal power with white people. Especially East Asia (China, Korea, Japan). By making the film, they regard the Asians as poor. Damn! *

  4. Those of you who claim this is the "first", I'm no historian, but the earliest I'm aware of is Flower Drum Song (1961). Next notable high profile, Joy Luck Club (1991). Frankly, even the "Last Emperor" (1987) feels Hollywood and was entirely in English. I'm sure we're bending a little since Golding is mixed as was Nancy Kwan. If we can bend more, "Go for Broke" (1951). There's also been Asian immigrant movies shot in America, such as the excellent "Autumn's Tale" (1987). What defines an Asian American release? "Rich Crazy Asians" seems to take place mostly in Singapore. Memoirs of a Geisha is a Hollywood movie. Letters from Iwo Jima is also a Hollywood hybrid movie. Many more examples. People who claim they only grew up with racist "ching chong" caricature movies, please. Unless you've been living in a hole, don't pretend Bruce Lee didn't exist. If you missed these gems, that's your fault. Do the research, folks.

  5. Initial trailer impressions, that guy looks mixed, and he is.. I throw "representation" terminology out the window cause that's always a problematic stretch when it comes to media and audience consumption. This is a fantasy fictional romance comedy, let's not forget. It was constructed to an audience's liking. I mean this has a more international locale flavor to it than American anyway. Constance sounds a lot better when she's not faking a horribly acted accent. I hate arrogant rich people, arrogant flamboyant rich Asians even more. The Henry Golding fan service should hopefully satisfy the ladies and the homoerotic craving asian male activists. Constance sure is flat; I'm sure she'll buy some implants after obtaining all that wealth. Her blackwashed smart mouthed girlfriend, meh. The "jokes" are for the mainstream audiences that watch crap that think it's funny. I guess this is a "chick flick" like "Mamma Mia". Which hasn't turned me away but I like lower key, more real drama/romance. When I think of "over the top" trashy, this movie and Wong Jing comes to mind. If this was an overseas Asian made movie, I'm still not sure I'd be interested in even watching unless it was popular, extremely well liked, or had more seasoned talent involved. This does seem to be a higher profile project. So I'd probably watch it out of obligation. I'm biased though. The director, meh. Nice to see Michelle Yeoh, but her weight only goes so far. Eventually I'll have to force myself to see it, just so I can form a more credible valid opinion.

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