Was ‘Dhammal’ the finest film to have ever been made in Bollywood?

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Comedy film ‘Dhammal’ has to be one of the best filmsmade in Bollywood.

The film stars many famous actors because of whom the film tasted massive success.

Some of them were Asrani, Sanjay Dutt, Ritesh Deshmukh, Arshad Waris, Javed Jaffrey and Ashish Chaudhary. The filmwas directed and produced by Indra Kumar and Ashok Thakeria.The film released on September 7, 2007.

‘Dhammal’teaches one that helping others and telling the truth goes a long way.

Doesn’t matter what are you if you can help and always try to help others this movie is simply suggesting this to us.

The movie started with four friends three were orphans and one was not. So they were living in a house without paying the fees, one owner of the house scolded them for bringing the fees but they were lazy and could not work once they stole the pizza of the owner. While the owner entered at house and saw that pizza was lost and she asked them but they answered that they have not seen. Robbed materials never stay with the robber as at last she found the pizza from them and kicked out them from the house for ever. As we can see everyone is lazy and because of laziness they are being kicked out from their own houses. For being something we must finish laziness then we can achieve something.

However, everyone has a talent in this world. Someone is expert in playing and someone is expert in printing but their talents are being crucified. As in this movie Bahvan who was so talented by taking out the animals’ sound like them and his talent saved his life many time. But none of people valued his talent since his own father did not like his talent at all. This is the reason that everyone’s talents are being crucified because of others.

‘Dhammal’ teaches one that helping others and telling the truth goes a long way

Additionally, helping can make someone happy and as a writer said ” Helping is the best way to change someone and to make someone happy.” As in this movie a hooligan helped many poor children who were not able to work and he got much happiness by helping those poor and since for getting money all of actors ran and faced very troubles but yet at the end they have sacrificed their money for poor children since they themselves were poor but they saw poor children with having no feet, hands and some of them were dump and deep so they recognized that how rich they are because they were having each and every parts of body and children were not there they scarified their money for poor. As only Allah helps those people who help others as in this movie they all have gotten wonderful lives and enjoyed a lot and all of them were proud on them and later their laziness got end from there and everyone has started helping. The movie gets end with a song and they were enjoying the song with others.

Like I mentioned before, that the message of helping others in the hour of need is a very powerful one. Do doubt, God rewards a person like that tenfold.Do watch if you haven’t by now.

It is heavily inspired from ‘It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World’which was a 1963 American epic comedy film. It’s the first installment of ‘Dhamaal’ film series. The film was remade on 2008 Kannada movie ‘Mast Maja Maadi’.

In 2011, the film spawned a sequel, under the title of ‘Double Dhamaal’, with the lead cast reprising their roles.

A third sequel, under the name ‘Total Dhamaal’ was released in February 2019, with the main four cast reprising their roles.

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