Kaun Hai ? – 17th August 2018 – कौन है ? – Full Episode

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Abhinav takes charge of the same jail where his grandmother was martyred. Soon, he uncovers that the jail is haunted by the spirit of an old jailer. Abhinav and …

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24 thoughts on “Kaun Hai ? – 17th August 2018 – कौन है ? – Full Episode

  1. Yeh Kia ajib Hy
    Hindustan aur Pakistan ki zamin k hr hisse py logo NY apni shahadat pesh ki Hy jany gawaeeee Hein
    Aese too bx sirf yhi jail Kyu bhuto wali?

  2. Unfortunately, Indians are still not yet freed from British. In india, fair skin and coloured eyes are considered as beautiful. Men are still licking white girls boots!!

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