When fitness isn’t just a resolution but a lifestyle

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These Pakistani celebrities will put you to shame with their intense workout and undying motivation. If you were looking for some gym-spiration, here is your dose of fitness feed for the day. Fitness is always trendy and there are no short cuts to it.

People can look for easy alternatives to reach fitness goals, but the bitter, hardcore truth is that you have to beat that body to burn the chubby!  A healthy, fit body doesn’t come easy.

First ‘Fit freak’ on my list is the Gym-guru, Umair Jaswal. We all have seen him pumping some iron on his Instagram. The guy has gigantic, muscular arms-serious dressing style and love for huge Harley’s to match his outstanding personality. This Pakistani Hercules does not take fitness easy!

Nusrat, Hidayatullah, the owner of the 42 days Challenge is a trendsetter for most weight loss challenge programs in the country. In an interview with the Daily Times, the fitness expert shared, “Fitness to me is a lifestyle. You’ve heard it said exactly like this before because this is exactly what it is! Like all other good habits are maintained, fitness turns into a lifestyle once you become consistent with it; the same way you are with brushing your teeth every morning for example.”

When asked about what keeps her motivated, Nusrat said, ”To keep myself motivated is a daily struggle like it is for everyone. I’m not always as motivated but it’s not always about being motivated. It’s more about discipline.”

Junaid Khan has also flashed some abs on his Instagram posts. The famous tv actor just can’t live without a gym. “Fitness is healthy living. Life is a blessing and we can get the max out of it only if we stay healthy and fit” and what keeps him motivated? “I stay fit to enjoy life”, says the hunky Rock star and actor. Junaid is in a serious relationship with food yet manages to stay fit and lean-gym is a must!

The Lollywood beauty Sana Fakhar is also seen with a brand new body and updated attitude. The actress is seen rocking some abs in a crop top at the gym. “Fitness is a lifestyle and it has to be a part of your life” states the actress. When asked how she keeps herself motivated, Sana explains, “Critics keep me motivated. I handle my criticism very well; I take it as a guide to fix myself. If someone tells me something isn’t right, I will do my best to fix it.”

Most Pakistani celebrities understand the importance of a fit body. Our physiology is very much connected to our neurology. A fit body keeps the mind in order too. Marwa Hocane was seen at the gym in her latest Instagram post. The young actress is seen pulling and stretching at the gym. The actress works out her body to not only keep herself fit but to keep her mind on a leash too- This is how the young lawyer and actress beats her anxiety in style!


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