Priyanka Chopra Talking to Diane von Furstenberg: ‘I Want To Have Kids’

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Priyanka Chopra is a global superstar from Bollywood. Married to Hollywood pop star Nick Jonas, Priyanka revealed in her latest YouTube video how she wants to have a family. She was speaking to Diane von Furstenberg, a noted and celebrated designer when Diane von Furstenberg gave her the advice ‘to have children’. Priyanka Chopra married Nick Jonas in December 2018 in a highly publicized wedding that was the talk of the town for very long. 

Priyanka has been very affectionate towards children and has often showed this on her instagram.

Priyanka Chopra has also been very vocally affectionate on her social media and in her interviews about her ‘hubby’ Nick Jonas, whose number she has saved as ‘hubby’ according to the video.

In the video with Diane von Furstenberg, who was her third guest on the show, Priyanka asked Diane what would be that one piece of advice that she would get from Diane. Diane responds promptly that Priyanka should have kids! Priyanka responded with, ‘I want to. It’s not like I don’t want to!’

Priyanka also talked about her dog ‘Diana’ who has over 100’000 followers on instagram.

Diane continued by saying that the most important relationship you can have in the world is ‘with yourself’. Diane von Furstenberg also shared her own story about how she got married very young and had children and started a business. Her marriage didn’t work out but she advised Priyanka that one should encourage their partners to also love themselves. Priyanka said in the show that she was ‘afraid’ of many things and that being a ‘wife’ was difficult in the beginning but she was eventually good with it after she realized that she could be who she was in her marriage. 

In this show, Priyanka also spoke to athlete Simone Biles who opened up to talk about sexual abuse, going through therapy and taking risks. Priyanka spoke to rapper Awkwafina who advised Priyanka that life will be a series of ‘ups and downs’. 

Here is the full video.

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